Fazenda Carmel Vivá

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Altitude : 930 to 1022 meters
Natural Springs : 6
Varieties : Catuaí vermelho e amarelo, Icatú and Mundo Novo.

Maria Angela Loguercio Bouskela, Daniel and Beatriz, we are mother and children, very passionate about nature and sustainable agriculture. Twelve years ago, we made our dream come true, worked hard and saved, to buy a special piece of land in the mountainous region of Monte Santo de Minas, South Minas Gerais. Starting from scratch, we’ve been smoothly structuring and growing into what is current our 50 hectares of coffee. At an altitude of 930-1022 meters, the native tree’s shadow, pure water from protected natural springs and mild weather, bring very special conditions for the coffee to become a tasteful drink.

At Carmel Vivá, we count on the professionalism of Donizete Lamana, who has been with us administering the daily duties, in the last 8 years. We have also a very good and stable team of employees who take care of the trees throughout the year, as well as during the most important moment: the harvest. We enjoy the teamwork towards the goal of having the most tasteful coffee possible. We value so much the partnership with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, as their values about sustainability, quality, respect to nature and human beings, are aligned with ours.