Family Carta Valdir

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Altitude: 1240 meters

I am Valdir Josť Ferreira. My story begins with my grandparentsí decision to move to the city of Caconde, some 35 years ago, to produce coffee. During this time I would come from S„o Paulo to spend my holidays on my grandparentsí and my uncleís farm and this would spark in me an interest in cultivating the crop. Upon finishing my studies I decided to move to the region to take care of my fatherís farm Ė which is located 24 km from the city of Caconde at an altitude of 1240 meters above sea level.

Its been 10 years since I have been living here during which time I have married, built my house, and have fathered a son who is two years old now. My parents have also moved in with me and we are now trying hard to produce a high quality coffee. On our land we preserve the environment, the springs, we do not use chemical products on the soil. The garbage is separated and taken to be recycled. On our farm we also preserve the bugs, birds, and we refrain from using harmful toxic chemicals as to not affect the nature.

With preserving the nature we are preserving our own lives and of the Earth as well. This is a bit of my story.