Silvio Pedro Minussi and Celso Ricardo Minussi

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Altitude : 1060 to 1200 meters
Area : 11 hectares
Varieties : Mundo Novo, Catuai Amarelo, Catuai Vermelho, Bourbon Amarelo, and Tupi

Coffee came into our lives when we decided to buy our own land and toil over it ourselves. This brought us many new discoveries since we did not have much knowledge about the plant. The beginning was difficult since the land had been previously abandoned, there was no infrastructure and our financial conditions were tough. Even so we turned to the banks and were able to get our farm ready to produce a special coffee, besides the bills we have to pay.

Through joining associations, going to speeches, and learning in the field we discovered that we couldn?t farm any which way; but, we needed to produce with social and environmental responsibility or more simply put: sustainability. As we followed these ideals we discovered ORGANIC methods and through this we discovered people who have played and play an important role in our lives. We were invited to take samples of our coffee to Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, where we met Marcos and family. He proposed to us a partnership where we could try and sell our coffee for a more justifiable price, since we had an important differentiated product: quality, care for the environment, and people who help us in the fields. During a small amount of time, that which had seemed impossible had become a reality. We had switched from commodity coffee to specialty coffee and we became the first small family farm to export our own coffee in our region. In the second year, with the partnership growing and our quality maintaining we were also able to sell for a differentiated price. Through these experiments an opportunity came for us to be partners in Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, and today we produce coffee on our own farm and we have planted new fields in FAF as well that will begin to produce within two years. This year we plan on continuing like before, to maintain a high quality allied with sustainability and our partnership, which we hope to continue for many years to come.

Today we have no doubt that it is worthwhile to invest in quality and in sustainability. After all, nature deserves all our care and man deserves all our respect.